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Google Photos is one of my favorite products in recent memory, and Shared Albums makes is even better.
@isaacrlien Totally agree, it has replaced (and taken over my short term affair with Amazon Photos/Flickr and even my Local Gallery app) and it keeps getting better
New product from Google.. a fast and simple way to pool photos with friends and family, across Android, iOS, and the web.
Wonder what happens when I invite a few people to join an album and a few months down the line I delete the album, will the people who joined the album lose those images? Based on a comment by Jofai : * Controls appear to be all-or-nothing. I can control whether an album allows people to add or not, but no way to give people different links with different controls to the same album. * There's no way to remove a person from a shared album * A contributor can add/remove their own photos, but cannot remove other people's * The owner can remove other people's photos that were added to the album * If a contributor joins an album, adds photos, then leaves the album, all of their photos are removed with them. * The owner (and presumably anyone else) has the option to add any of the photos from a shared album to their library. * Each picture gets labeled with the person who added its name * There's no notification that someone left an album * If you turn "collaborate" off on a previously shared album, it removes all other people that have joined & their photos.