Share Securely

The one click way for your clients to send you passwords

Passwords don't belong in emails and text messages, where they are vulnerable. Share Securely gives you a custom URL where your clients can quickly and securely input their credentials.
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Joe Duncko, one of the co-founders of Share Securely. We are on a mission to to keep passwords out of inboxes and text messages, where they can be easily compromised. Share Securely gives you a personalized link that your clients can use to securely send you passwords - without them needing an account. ----- Our story As consultants, we often found ourselves asking clients for credentials in order to begin work (hosting, domain provider, dev tools, third-party APIs, etc.). We noticed that clients would almost always send us this sensitive information via email, which made us super uncomfortable. We looked for solutions that made this process both secure and simple for us and our clients, but we couldn’t find anything that suited our needs. That’s when we decided to build Share Securely. ----- Today we are busily working on Share Securely, and have a pretty ambitious roadmap - but we need your help to figure out what we should do first! So take a look and let us know what you think! As a thank you to fellow Hunters, message us via Intercom after you sign up for a 14 day free trial for 50% off Share Securely Personal FOR LIFE.
Gosh! I needed this when I was doing client work. Back in the day, I made my own custom rolled app to do this and I'm sure it was less secure and user friendly.
Security is often the first thing to go in the name of convenience. Anytime you can make security less painful, you are more likely to get buy-in. Glad to see this product and mindset in the marketplace.