Shapr for communities

Meet the right people within your communities


Shapr is a networking app (iOS & Android) that lets you swipe through a daily selection of profiles to make the connections you didn't expect. Using Communities, you can now join your existing communities on the app and get prioritized introductions to their members.

You can try it out! Add #ProductHunt to your profile and meet fellow hunters!

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Founder/CEO - Fun Club

Continue to revamp with additional cool features! However, please be sure to stick to the mission of what Shapr is about versus going all over the place with things that don't make sense and fit the model and trying to be everything to I've personally witnessed with a lot of the other networking apps. Then at most what you end up with is a WATERED-DOWN product and you start to LOSE the audience. Thanks!


I love that you can pick and choose who you want to meet, based upon your goals, current interest, etc.


None....if there was one, it has been corrected with "Shapr for communities"

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We've met some GREAT caffeinated people on Shapr!


We love connecting with like-minded people!


Sometimes the in-app comms are hard to follow ...


Will come back after using this for a longer period of time.


Easy to use, diverse people on it, but this is just the first day.


It is either Yea or Nay - would prefer to see a Maybe option