Setup Scout

Discover cool products by scouting the desks of creatives.

Setup Scout helps you identify items in desk setups, discover makers from various fields, and find out what they're working on.
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UI Designer
Hey, Product Hunt 👋 This is an exciting day for us! Algirdas and I have been working on Setup Scout for the last year and a half. It came out of a need while spending yet another lunch break (or was it a meeting?) browsing desk setups on Instagram. I wanted to have a similar space of my own, which lead me to asking countless questions about the items in the comments. Not just the specs of the iMac, but the chair also. What about that planter? Is that a Moleskine notebook orrrr…? What's that cool gadget next to the monitor -- I don't even know what it is BUT I WANT IT BECAUSE IT'S COOL LOOKING! There were little to no answers. As my frustration grew, I realised this need was probably something others experienced also, because there were hoards of unanswered questions similar to mine. Fast forward to today, we're proud to announce a product which, we believe, solves that problem. Setup Scout lets creative professionals and makers post their desk setups to share with likeminded enthusiasts. Likewise, if you're just browsing and/or creating your own dream work space, you can easily swift through the setups and identify the items by simply clicking on them. Although we've just launched, here's a list of features we're already cooking up for the near future: 🙋‍♂️ User system: create a personal account and follow other users; ❤️ Likes: decide which setups and items rise to the top; 📦 Collections: save items to a collection and create your own dream setup; ✍️ Blog: read up on creators' interviews, product reviews, and productivity tips; 📫 Newsletter: get a round-up of the week's top voted setups and stories in your inbox; 😻 And, of course, more! We'll do our best to stay awake as long as possible to answer questions and keep the conversation going. Please share your experiences browsing both the desktop and mobile sites — feedback is greatly appreciated!