Monitor your digital profile in a single dashboard

Sether is designed to help media specialists, brand managers, owners and agencies optimize their digital profile by monitoring the performance of advertising campaigns, while also listening to mentions and reviews about the product.
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11 Reviews5.0/5

Sether gives me the daily overview that I needed to better handle my online presence without switching back and forth between different social accounts and networks. Choose fast, choose Sether !


Shows an up-to-date view of online presence on different social networks and media channels.


It would be great to have the ability to publish content on social networks.

Guess who else is using Sether to monitor's progress on social media. Yep, that would be me. Try it out, it's super user-friendly. And it's free!

Wrapping it up, I like it. It manages to hide the complexity of social and media monitoring under an intuitive, single-page dashboard.


Super nice UI Project support Monitor everything in one place Multiple social networks Advanced charting


Some UI tips would be helpful Some bugs from time to time

Hope it will be widely used soon.


Best in its field.


Small community.

Start saving time with Sether. Keep track of all your campaigns in a single dashboard. Simply connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Google accounts. is a friendly marketing tool that allows you to monitor your Social Media footprint and Digital campaigns in a single dashboard.