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SessionStack helps you stream live or record/replay user sessions as a video that’s combined with a timeline of everything that happened in their browser (JavaScript exceptions, failed network requests, debug messages). This shows you how to replicate a problem, be it a UX issue or an error. It can be used in the cloud or deployed locally.

  • Pros: 

    Great product for dramatically improving customer experience


    Can't think of any

    Today's marketplace is fiercely competitive with customers expecting a first-class experience across all touch points at all times. SessionStack enables you to gain invaluable insights into the customer journey in real time, allowing you to address any issues as they emerge.

    Assia Iossifova has used this product for one month.
  • Craig Finch
    Craig FinchCIO at Mend VIP, Inc.

    The ability to see what your users are seeing, recorded or real-time, is amazing. Great support and and can be HIPAA compliant.


    Per-session pricing might not work for everyone

    SessionStack is one of the few session recording tools that can run on-premise as an appliance, which allows you to retain full control over your user's data. This is especially important for organizations subject to HIPAA and PCI compliance. I have used SessionStack since its early days, and the support we have received from the team has been fantastic. It's been stable and reliable since the beginning.

    The only issue we've encountered with the product in over a year is that some AngularJS pages don't render correctly when viewing the session. Our support team has not complained about it in a long time, so it has either been fixed, or it's so minor that it doesn't interfere with the usefulness of the tool.

    One challenge is that pricing for SessionStack is per user session. To avoid wasting sessions on users or bots who visit our login page and then leave, we only start recording after a user has logged in. However, it's hard to troubleshoot any issues with the login page itself because we don't capture that part of a user's session. If your site gets a lot of brief visits, this pricing model might not work for you.

    Craig Finch has used this product for one year.
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Alexander Zlatkov
Alexander ZlatkovMaker@a_zlatkov
Hi PH community! I’m Alex, Co-founder of SessionStack along with @lsnickolov. Thank you @picsoung for hunting us! I was hoping to get your opinion on something we’ve been working on called SessionStack. SessionStack helps you watch real-time how your users run into issues, bugs or simply UX problems. So far we’ve seen the following use cases for SessionStack: - Web and front-end developers use SessionStack to get the full context to replicate a product issue. Along with the errors and stack traces, they get the user session recording - To help them spot and reproduce the issue at once, as well as detect spiking problems and identify impacted users. - Product managers and UX experts rely on SessionStack to accurately replay specific user actions and identify broken user experience. - It’s highly appreciated by Customer Support as teams leverage SessionStack to watch a certain user’s session live while discussing the issue with the customer who’s experiencing it. A quick way for them to troubleshoot a customer pain point. We’re excited to share an exclusive for the PH community limited time offer that grants you access to 1 month of 20k user sessions, including premium features like Errors-only sessions, IP blocking, and Page targeting. Go sign up to get started. We’d love to hear your ideas, questions, and suggestions. Keep the feedback coming! Thank you!
Ognjen Vukovic
Ognjen Vukovic@vforvukovic · User Acquisition
@lsnickolov @picsoung @a_zlatkov This looks amazing. I really needed something like this. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
wilfried durand
wilfried durand@wiloo · CEO at Onvey / former COO at Mailjet
The team and the product are absolutely fantastic! I'm greatly surprised to see the technology and the interface evolving every week. SessionStack is a very mature product despite its youth, and will surely help any technical and UX teams out there. Give it a try!
Alexander Zlatkov
Alexander ZlatkovMaker@a_zlatkov
Thanks for the kind words, Wilfried!
Nicolas Grenié
Nicolas GreniéHunterHiring@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
With SessionStack, you put yourself in your users' shoes. You can see easily what went wrong or the error they received. You can act fast to correct it and engage conversation with users, so you never miss a sale because of an error on your website. Really nice discovery :)
Murry Ivanoff
Murry Ivanoff@murryivanoff · CEO, Metrilo
Awesome to see you on PH, guys! We've been using SessionStack for a few months now and we're extremely happy with the product - we use it both for debugging support requests and making product decisions. I have one question, though - how does SessionStack deal with sensitive / private data?
Alexander Zlatkov
Alexander ZlatkovMaker@a_zlatkov
Thanks for the feedback, Murry! Very happy that you find it valuable. There are multiple ways to deal with sensitive/private data in SessionStack. The first option is to exclude sensitive elements directly through our UI, by adding a list of CSS selectors. Each element that matches any of those selectors (or is a direct or indirect child of such one) will be treated as sensitive and won't even leave the browsers of your users. This means that we don't even store data that you deem sensitive. You can read about this in more detail here - By default, for example, all password fields are treated as sensitive. The second option, which is preferred by organizations in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance, is to directly deploy SessionStack on your own servers/cloud and handle everything on your own premises.
Sam Dickie
Sam Dickie@thisdickie · Product Manager Maker NoCode & BetaTesta
Looks great! Congratulations for the PH launch. Out of interest, I use fullstory and hotjar. How does this differ?
Alexander Zlatkov
Alexander ZlatkovMaker@a_zlatkov
Hey Sam, thanks for the good words! This is a great question. Hotjar and FullStory are very different from SessionStack tools, solving quite different problems. In essence, HotJar is a marketing tool that provides features focusing on marketing professionals, like conversion funnels, heatmaps, etc. FullStory, on the other hand, is also very focused on marketing people but they provide a broader scope of features that are also useful for product experts, such as awesome segments, powerful search, which can be used to answer questions like "Which users left the checkout page", etc. SessionStack is focused on helping teams efficiently reproduce and resolve issues in their web products. This focus makes our feature set, integrations, and partnerships quite different. These are some of the things that SessionStack provides to achieve the goal: - Notifications & reports about the health of your product, alarming teams when there are problems and crashes. - Analytics dashboards, showing stats about product issues, their severity, how many people have been impacted, when they have last occurred, etc. - On top of replaying the entire session, SessionStack allows you to replay only particular moments of the user sessions. E.g. you can replay only the moment of a specific crash or only the moment of a specific feature usage. This allows you to watch/replay only the things that are important to you. - SessionStack collects a lot of technical data from the browser - failed network requests, debug messages, exceptions + stack traces. All this information is available during session replay and allows you to debug issues as if they're occurred in your own browser. - Our live sessions are truly real-time. The latency is below 1.5 seconds (in many cases even below 1 second). - You can deploy SessionStack on your own premises, in case you're dealing with extremely sensitive data or are operating in a regulated industry. - SessionStack works with hybrid mobile/desktop apps. - Using our APIs, you can enable your users to record sessions on their own (think of a standard "report a problem" scenario, but instead of screenshots, users record videos). - Leveraging our REST APIs, you can even add server-side data to user sessions (e.g. see what user behavior has made a database call to fail). In general, you can think of SessionStack as a "dashboard" that shows you how your product is performing; if you are introducing a lot of regressions, how they are impacting the UX, etc.