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Whether you're looking to create and manage single sessions, mini sessions, or workshops, do it all with Session, a fully integrated booking platform.

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Hi all! Thanks for checking out Session! We are aiming to be the best platform for photographers to book their regular sessions, mini-sessions and workshops. We are a 2 person team working nights and weekends for the past 2 months building this version of the app. About 4 years ago, we started a small contract signing application for our photographer wives, where they could only send customized contracts to their clients. This worked well for years, but life kind of got in the way. We had a lot of work at our day jobs and starting families took up all of our extra time. That product just sat there. About 3 months ago, I got the urge to revive that product. It initially started out as just a rewrite (update the UI, and change the stack a little), but it quickly evolved into something much more. We started talking to photographers about their REAL needs and completely changed our product. While we have core beliefs that photographers need to protect their business with contracts, booking needs to be in the spotlight. Some features that are live today: πŸ’² Paypal integration πŸŒ„ Branded booking page πŸ“ˆ Live session stats (views/$ etc..) πŸ“… Multiple dates per session πŸ“ƒ Contracts πŸ’΅ Collect session fees in full, or split it up Coming up: Stripe integration Square integration Custom client emails Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks PH community!
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@derekpittsinger This looks really clean. Great UX! Love that you've got payments, scheduling, branding, AND contracts in one place. Is the contracts component an integration or is that something you all built?
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@jehunter5811 it is something that we've built! They are set up as templates, and you can insert variables that make the contract reusable across sessions. Some examples are inserting the clients name, location, deposit amount... Then when a client starts the booking process, we fill it out.
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@jehunter5811 Also working on a questionnaire feature that will work in a similar fashion as contracts where photographers can reuse them across sessions. There is a current need to collect answers from clients during the booking process.
This looks great, guys! Would love to set up a time to demo it with you so I can talk to our audience of pro photographers about it!
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The iron is hot for a software to clean up and standardize booking a photo shoot. UI and UX are both on point. I would recommend to friends.