Serif TV

Samsung's latest TV, an unexpected design masterpiece

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Aaron ZinmanCEO, Empirical
Masterpiece is a bit hyperbolic
@azinman Maybe, but it is the best looking TV I'm yet to see.
Never thought I'd say this, but this is a TV I actually WANT.
Ouriel Ohayon / CEO
The video ( very apple like) is beautiful; but did I miss something? Beyond a flat screen in a different type of frame what is so special about it?
jeremy carson
Data-Driven Creative
@ourielohayon functionally, you're right. but in a world where the tv is becoming an always-on display (appleTV screen savers, weather displays, etc), rather than having your tv stand out from your decor as the least expressive element, this design helps it to blend in, becoming part of the room.
Julie Chabin
Head of Product Design at Product Hunt
I love this. It reminded me of "Her".
ben Watanabe
96 Problems
@syswarren Now you've got me wanting to watch it all over. Mostly to see that little videogame protagonist :)
Juan Buis
internet words
Hot. Needs price point.
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