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Neil S W Murray
@neilswmurray · European tech journalist.
Happy Sunday Everyone! 😀 I had been sitting on this idea for about 9 months, then finally gave birth to my baby a few weeks ago. 👶🏻 Venture Capital is arguably the world’s most important industry, as it is the vehicle that fuels the industries of tomorrow. Yet for a sector that is so obsessed with disruption, little of that has happened within it thus f… See more
Patrik Schaer
@patrikschaer · FinTech entrepreneur @ Selma.io
Nice! Just signed up and looking forward!
Joseph Michael
Great work Neil, I enjoy reading the newsletter!
Juraj Pal
@jurajpal · Co-Founder & CEO at Sure
Really enjoying Series F so far! Great insights and well curated - keep it up Neil 👏
David Carpe
@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
nice roundup, and yes to good sunday reading material! just signed up