SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford

An all-encompassing SEO course brought by industry leaders


If you want to have a successful business, you need an online presence. If you want a successful online presence, you need some basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We bring you a “Fundamental SEO Course”, the most comprehensive SEO course brought to you by the industry leaders.

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I like the fact that you have exams as well to test the knowledge I got and identify which are the weak spots!


Great to have all fundamentals in one place from leaders of the industry!


Haven't found yet :D

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Hey Oskars! Thank you for the feedback :) We're planning to add more courses to the Academy. Please stay tuned!
WordPress SEO Consultant

Love this new SEO Fundamentals Course by SEMrush with Greg Gifford as the host. It's a really a good fundamental crash course.

I will be pointing any newbies to this course. But also, it's always good to refresh the basics on a regular basis, and its entertaining to watch Greg with his stylish (love the) bow tie.

It's fair to say, Greg is very experienced and has worked with in the industry for many years improving real-life businesses search results. So its great to see a real-life professional giving this course.

SEMrush has generously provided this free comprehensive course, and Greg walks you through lots of SEO topics.

Topics include: Search engine basics, Technical SEO, Link signals, On-page signals, SEO for mobile, Other ranking signals, International SEO, Local SEO.

So you will have a decent grasp of the SEO fundamentals, by the end of it.

Like I said, everyone who is new to SEO will benefit greatly from doing this free course. And anyone who wants to brush up, or check up on some facts, will also find it here.

This is a free SEO course, provided so generously, which you might otherwise outlay your cash for...

Well done SEMrush!

Highly recommended this free SEO course!


Very easy to follow, short lessons, well explained by Greg Gifford and it's free training


Maybe a bit too easy, but it is a SEO Fundamentals Course

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huge thanks, Peter - for a great review and appreciating Greg's style :)
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more specifics into link building analisys and for international SEO


for growing like SEO Specialist, covering the most ranking factor