SEO Analyzer By Neil Patel

A free SEO analyzer for your site

#5 Product of the DayMay 29, 2019
Learn about all the SEO errors you need to fix with step by step instructions, increase your rankings, and make sure there's nothing hindering your site from achieving the top spot on Google.

  • Lisa
    LisaLisa Sicard

    Quick and easy to use, plus FREE


    Sometimes you have to wait for results a little longer.

    I had to check this tool out by Neil Patel as I love his Ubersuggest tool. This is similiar but for SEO. Great tool and I highly recommend it to anyone with a website!

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  • Pros: 

    It's orange?


    This is just a lead gen / linkbait.

    It doesn't even work. It just clicks over to Ubersuggest that has some of the worst data I've found when it comes to SEO (another tool bought for the purpose of links pointing to it).

    Brendan Hufford has used this product for one day.
Thanks for hunting this Raz. Our goal is to make it easier for all startups to get more traffic and improve their odds of succeeding... hopefully the SEO Analyzer helps them get there. Thanks Product Hunt community!
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@neilpatel When Neil Patel comes with a SEO product, that too for free, how can we resist supporting it!
I like how easy it is to access the tool. Not only that, but it gives truckloads of insights that's helpful for competitor research, too. (among other things).
@dbjim21 thanks Jimmy. Glad you like it
I really like this new SEO ANALYZER tool. Found some new backlinks, which gave me new ideas for my content creation.
Concern. The first "error" I checked was not valid. I wondered how it would be possible that a WordPress site would have a page without a TITLE tag. Rare if not impossible methinks. Sure enough, the "offending" page does in fact have a TITLE tag. DId I miss where this is a beta release? However, I love everything about it, including the need. Can't wait until it is ready for prime time.
@jeff_ski_kinsey will double check the crawler... what's the URL if you don't mind so I can bug test it. Thanks
@jeff_ski_kinsey thanks will get it fixed
@neilpatel A gentleman and a scholar. Love your stuff Neil. Thx.
Another valuable tool! Such a streamlined alternative for drawing top-level insights than Search Console.