Self-hosted email service provider (ESP)

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Hey guys, I'm the co-founder of Sendy. I chose Amazon SES as the sending engine because of its high deliverability rate. As long as you're not a 'spammer' and send questionable content, you will have good deliverability rate. I was an ex Campaign Monitor user, when I tested Sendy with Amazon SES the open rates were much higher. Amazon works day in and day out up-holding their reputation with ISPs, weeding out spammers etc (just like other hosted email marketing services) to ensure high deliverability rate. One user even tweeted 2 days ago saying he has 100% deliverability rate with Amazon SES → @dshan The comment you read on The Next Web review of Sendy mistook Sendy for sending emails via 'Amazon EC2' instead of 'Amazon SES'. There is a big difference here. Amazon EC2 is a 'hosting server' and isn't designed and maintained to be an email sending engine. I've since cleared up his confusion via a comment in the post. @kjemperud Hope this comment answers your question @dshan posted. :) And, RSS to Email is not supported at the moment.
I looked into this and then read an article (think it was venturebeat but can't remember) in which the comments scared me off. Serious email marketer blasted the deliverability and architecture of this project. I wonder how people feel these days. Does anyone use this?
Looks interesting. Does anyone know if it supports RSS to Email campaigns? And I second @dshan's question regarding deliverability, etc. Would be interesting to hear from someone actually using Sendy.
I'm still using Sendy, and it's saved me and my clients hundreds of pounds in the past year alone.
I was just trying to Hunt Sendy and got re-directed to this post. Glad someone already did. Sendy is amazing and has saved our company thousands of dollars in comparison to mass emailers like MailChimp.