SendMusic for iOS

Simple file transfer for DJs, producers and industry pros

Want to get immediate feedback on your new track? Need to collaborate on your release but you keep losing the thread across Dropbox... email... Whatsapp?
SendMusic is the simple, collaborative platform for music creators and industry professionals.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Much needed app! Thanks for your continuous support to the music tech industry.
@puresoulmusic Thanks Petar, I appreciate your comment and I'm looking forward to building out more and more features for our community of artists and creators.
Hey! What's the value of this over, say, WeTransfer?
@neilcocker Hey Neil, thanks for jumping in. We have huge advantages over WeTransfer for artists. Not only are audio files automatically encoded so you can preview them without downloading the music, you can new give feedback about a track/demo/mix right from within the app.
@benbowler Ah, cool! Wish this had been around when I was producing music for a living!
Over the last nine months, we've been working hard to take the SendMusic web app and bring it to your pocket. Interested to see what your thoughts are...
Great to have an easy, straightforward and secure method of transferring music files between artists, producers etc.:)
@glam_red_gl_artist_management thank you! We appreciate the support. We're building our community every day ( and have loads of exciting new features in the pipeline
This is definitely needed and is something I have been looking for, congrats! I left some comments here in context too on your landing page incase its useful to you -
@tom4 Thanks Tom I appreciate your message