SendGrid Email Analytics by Keen IO

Detailed email reporting that drives results


SendGrid Email Analytics by Keen IO is the fastest way to analyze the performance of your email campaigns and take action. Compare campaigns and tests and download a list of users who performed any action. Use downloaded lists to keep your lists clean and drive up email performance with better campaigns.

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Ry Walker
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  • Michelle Wetzler
    Michelle WetzlerChief Data Scientist, Keen IO

    The new data model is amazing! Neatly organized into opens, bounces, etc. Now has geo data and other extras. It feels really empowering.


    While this tool requires no coding or programming, its for relatively data-savvy marketers and devs (which most are these days).

    I work at Keen. I know I'm biased, but I'm in love. We ourselves are users of SendGrid & Keen. I run our a lot of our marketing and I use our event data every day. This integration makes it extremely easy to run detailed analysis on specific emails clicks, opens, etc, down the user. And now I can run user funnels on it amongst other site data like pageviews, signups, etc.

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  • Ry Walker
    Ry WalkerCEO, Astronomer

    Love both Sendgrid and Keen IO, good to see them coming together to combine their super powers


    None so far

    Keen is a great data repository for event data.

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  • Pros: 

    Keen provides a high quality analytics product and SendGrid is the best in the email space, together they have built a sweet partnership


    not sure

    Disclosure, I work for SendGrid and have friends at Keen - So I am biased :)

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