SELLsecure Scams investigator

Check who is behind an email and detect fraud

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I got the opportunity to see an alpha-demo: it was impressive and it can be a game changer for e-sellers.
@kxrz Thanks Florent, you can also use this tool to avoid scam on Craiglist, ebay ...
This is very impressive! It's definitely useful to investigate scams and fake e-mails both for end-users and e-sellers! Major kudos!
@t_rebours Thanks Timothée good to hear that
Very interesting- seen a major step up in convincing fake emails over the past year, and I know at least a percentage of those who received wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Will definitely check out he chrome plug in when released!
Been using it for a while in alpha, it's just awesome!
@mehdikouhen Thanks Mehdi !
I know the team and they are amazing. They are solving a real problem more than 30% of online orders require a manual review... this process takes too much time, they reduce this time by 5!