Sellr Ad Network for Brands

Run targeted ads to potential shoppers on relevant aisles

The Sellr Ad Network allows retail brands to reach shoppers right at the point of decision in aisles where their product is being sold. Advertisers can target specific shoppers in specific product aisles. Ad campaigns are launched, tracked and monitored all using the Sellr Dashboard.

We’ve been growing our base of tablets for retailers the last few years. By creating a space for brands to promote products we can reduce the price of the tablets for the retailer and create a new channel for marketers. There are a few rules we put in place to make sure we keep retailers, shoppers, and brands happy. 1. Ads can only promote the products that are being sold in that store. We have a copy of every UPC sold in a store where tablets are displayed 2. Tablets are brand agnostic and display the retailer’s logo instead. Retailers can feature their own products as well 3. Shoppers can interrupt ads and use the tablet to navigate to the products they are interested in or scan a barcode to lookup a product. We’re excited about this latest release! Let us know if you have any questions below.