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Hey PH! I've been an eBay power seller and frequent Craigslist user for years, but recently have realized my time is worth more that what I make selling my old stuff. @craigbrott and I created Sell It Easy so you can sell anything you've been meaning to sell without lifting a finger by letting us do all the leg work. We take no more than a 12% cut and handle everything from listing the item across multiple marketplaces, picking up the item directly from you, optimizing shipping costs with bulk rates, and shipping the item to wherever it needs to go. Let me know if you have any questions, and we would love any feedback! Thanks!!
See this TechCrunch feature of Sell It Easy for more information on how it works and what's on the roadmap for us.
@brahnema Awesome product Ben!
very cool stuff. what % of your items do you sell on eBay?
Nice! Just submitted a camera. Pretty painless process so far...
@clarklab Thanks, Clark! Glad you like it!
Hi Product Hunt! I co-created Sell It Easy with @brahnema and am happy to answer any questions as well. If you have something laying around that you think you might want to sell, go ahead and list it. We'll give you an estimated price and you're under no obligation to do anything if you think you can get more elsewhere. Thanks!!
@brahnema Are we talking US market only or will be other markets included even at the start?
@tristancelebi Our goal is to be as accessible to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. So, what we're offering to our international users right now is access to the service as long as they cover shipping costs to us in SF.
@brahnema Great app! I used to sell a lot on eBay until it got too noisy and listing takes some time. However, I'm based in Australia where overseas shipping costs are expensive, so sending out to SF won't make sense for me unless the item is worth at least 3x the shipping cost. So I'm looking forward to it launching internationally!