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Engineered brand building for social media


SelfMade helps people build their brand on social. Our platform is driven by AI, CV technology, artistry and passion. We connect members with expert and affordable professional image editors and brand strategists, elevating their digital presence. The results are organic follower growth, business opportunity and increased revenue.

3 Reviews
 +33 reviews
  • Octavian CostacheJello Labs, Inc.

    Easy and magical self-branding for my instagram


    Nothing really

    Was a really early beta customer... really high touch get-to-know me platform... They've done a great job at taking my random photos that I added and building them into a coherent and great looking internet / instagram presence for me. <3

    Octavian Costache has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    amazing product, incredible team. they really get it and are able to make something people love


    nothing really

    This product is really helping people -- with developing, nurturing and furthering their brand identity...that's no easy feat. Brian & the team really understand customers. They've thought about every possible thing with this version and have put the best thought and resources forward on it. Really awesome user experience.

    DanielleCohen-Shohet has used this product for one month.
  • Philip KasumuLondoner in NYC working on stuff

    Great product and great team behind it!


    Launch in other countries

    Really easy to use and it's great for someone like me who's trying to grow on social

    Philip Kasumu has used this product for one month.