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Engineered brand building for social media


SelfMade helps people build their brand on social. Our platform is driven by AI, CV technology, artistry and passion. We connect members with expert and affordable professional image editors and brand strategists, elevating their digital presence. The results are organic follower growth, business opportunity and increased revenue.

Would you recommend this product?
Jello Labs, Inc.

Was a really early beta customer... really high touch get-to-know me platform... They've done a great job at taking my random photos that I added and building them into a coherent and great looking internet / instagram presence for me. <3


Easy and magical self-branding for my instagram


Nothing really

Londoner in NYC working on stuff

Really easy to use and it's great for someone like me who's trying to grow on social


Great product and great team behind it!


Launch in other countries


This product is really helping people -- with developing, nurturing and furthering their brand identity...that's no easy feat. Brian & the team really understand customers. They've thought about every possible thing with this version and have put the best thought and resources forward on it. Really awesome user experience.


amazing product, incredible team. they really get it and are able to make something people love


nothing really


This company is full of scam artist. They add no real value. They illegally take money from your account over $1000 in one month! Their editing is elementary. Their brand managers are middle men who only waste your time and attempt to convince you that the edits and service will get better. Run far away from this company. Do not give them your card information. Do not trust them. Do not get involved with them in any way.




They are scammers.

Edits are terrible!

Wastes your time and money!

Their program for businesses is complete nonsense.

Horrible company, My account manager Michael Burke does not listen to any of the suggestions I make and continues to do the bare minimum on my social media posts. He fails to grasps the nature of my industry. My sales rep Chris Swanick promised me the best customer service when I signed on and has completely left me fending for myself when trying to get things done with Michael. Lastly, even after I canceled my subscription they are still charging my credit card. I disputed one month and yet they have charged me again the following month. This company is horrible run and very expensive. Not worth the money or the headache!
Growth is a journey ~
Since switching from SelfMade to posting on my own Instagram, my engagement is up and I feel my brand is more authentic. The service started out at a reasonable $599/month and now I'm being asked to pay double for the same service. I also lost a trustworthy account manager I've been speaking with for the past year and saw the quality of my Instagram feed going down.
Really wish I didnt have to write this review but the way this company has treated us has made me loose alot of trust for marketing companies in general. 1. After being featured in a well known article Gabrielle reached out to me pitching Self Made. For months she followed up with even more 'estimated results' and examples from past customers. I finally signed up nearly 6 months later. 2. Within a week of signing up our welcome and abanded cart emails were set up. I loved them. I was so excited to see the ads they came up with. 2 weeks later the ads were submitted... I was shocked at how amateurish they looked. The individual who did them clearly did not do a single minute of research on our company. 3. Meanwhile I'm trying to coordinate more emails with our account manager.... MIA. Apparently we were emailing the wrong email all this while ... the same email Gabrielle used to connect us with her in the first place. (yet somehow she was initially responding and never bothered to correct the email error) By now: 1. Ads have not been redone 2. Our account manager is always in meetings so we never got any else done 3. They beautiful email flows they set up... weren't delivering because they had set up the wrong audiences 🤦‍♀️ All this happening at the height of holiday season shopping. They ate up such a large chunk of our holiday marketing budget with nothing to show for it. I cancelled. I requested a refund for the ad portion (their 2nd service) cause literally nothing was done. Not a single person has emailed me back. Gabrielle, who hounded us for 6 months to sign up, couldn't bother to respond to any of my emails after we signed up. I really wish I had never heard about these guys. Way to treat like one in a million.
Co-founder of Caveat & Veneer, Producer
Very disappointed with this service. Our cosmetics company was targeted by one of the "marketing managers", which apparently also serve as sales. The quality of the creative provided was supar, the details of the financial arrangement was vague and modified throughout the engagement without our knowledge. Feels like they basically stole $2,000 USD from us. Beware.