Self-Driving Uber

The world’s first Self-Driving Ubers



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
It's incredible to see Uber rolling out (no pun intended) self-driving cars in market before Google.
JakeWesorick — Co-Founder and Developer, Grubbable Inc
@rrhoover Looks like the same thing Google already has been doing where it still has a driver.
Cem Carak — Entrepreneur - WhatTuDu & PlanItUp
@rrhoover It was always obvious that most of Uber's cost comes from paying their drivers. With technology, they are trying to lower that but now my question is, how are they gonna provide customer service. I know in the beginning they would have a driver and engineer in the car but eventually I am sure they would want to eliminate/lower those costs as well. So how are they going to manage lets say drunk people getting picked up at 2am and throwing up in the car?? haha. It seems to me that a driver or uber employee will always need to be present in it. I personally don't feel like sitting in a car all day and not doing anything while people get in and out and the car drives itself. haha
Evan Kimbrell — Founder, Sprintkick
@cemedericarak @rrhoover Maybe they just add a camera in the interior. One person can easily keep tabs on a dozen cars. My guess at least
Desmond Duggan — Product Manager, AppDirect
@cemedericarak @rrhoover My guess is heavy insurance (surely insurance firms are preparing themselves for this wave) + nightly vehicle maintenance (similar to how rental car companies currently operate). ^ per the tossing use case, maybe a camera in car with outsourced mechanical-turk type operation. They don't have to have no cost, just lower than hourly drivers.
rahulcap — Product
@rrhoover As @jakewesorick says I find this on par with Google's controlled tests and not really "in-market" if there is a 'safety driver'. But it is still really cool!

Overall, I'm more impressed with Tesla's ability to upgrade autopilot OTA on 100k+ cars being driven by real users across multiple scenarios. This creates an iterative, real-world testing platform that likely means they will have the best software, the fastest. (i'm assuming they can silently run data-collection experiments whether or not autopilot is 'on').

Eventually, it may not matter who is 'first' if the tech becomes a commodity. Will Uber be able to leverage their expertise in matching rider demand to offer the best service/prices? Or, will another player disrupt them by offering value added services or ad-supported 'free' rides? Exciting times...
Marat Ryndin — Principal Product Designer, Edgewise
@cemedericarak @rrhoover Could ve very simple. If the car gets puked an office employee who keeps tabs on multiple cars via remote video flags it in the software and it returns to the Uber depot for cleanup before being sent back out again.
#Forest — cto
@evankimbrell @cemedericarak @rrhoover Deep learning will likely be able to keep track of far more than a dozen cars. Once it understands what a "normal" ride looks like, it can flag any deviant trips for human review.
Cem Carak — Entrepreneur - WhatTuDu & PlanItUp
@forestmars @evankimbrell @rrhoover Yeah sure. We all know though how much humans can do stupid things. Hopefully they can keep track of all that efficiently. That was my only concern.
#Forest — cto
@cemedericarak I'm excited to see self-driving cars take absent minded riders not to the place they entered into the app, but the place they really needed to go! #Atmos
Jonathan Hursh — Founder @ Utopia
@rrhoover I'd love to see a PH section highlighting gamechanging solutions like this. I think it could inspire many of the developers here to think bigger vs designing for a sliver of a sliver of space.
Franco Laiuppa — Devops / PM / Developer
@jonathanhursh that's actually a great idea!
Saurabh Vashist — Senior PRoduct manager
@jakewesorick as new version come that need will be eliminated :)
Max Galka — Builder of dataviz things
@cemedericarak seems like an easy one to solve - add cameras / intercom / big fines for leaving the car dirty / a station where the cars go for manual inspection btw rides.
@cemedericarak @rrhoover what if someone steals the car?? :P

Jokes apart....great to see them come up with it...

And yeah, why is google taking so long? Their car still on the world tour?
Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Self-Driving Uber will start picking up passengers in San Francisco today!
Alexis Ohanian — Co-founder, Reddit & Initialized Capital
⬆️ @Raffi Get in this thread and tell us more. Made a bet on stage w @Jason a few yrs ago-you're going to help me win it, my Armenian brother. 🇦🇲
Joe Blau — iOS Engineer @ Uber, ATC
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