Self Control (Mac)

Avoid distracting websites

#2 Product of the WeekApril 07, 2014
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Huh, never knew this was on Product Hunt (I made it). For whoever has the ability to correct this entry, might be nice to change it to the proper name SelfControl (no space) and add in our logo (see
@charliestigler Upvoted your comment! Did you work on it with Steve Lambert? I remember him introducing the Github repository to us in 2006. :)
I use this app when I want to get some serious work done. I quickly noticed a huge increase in productivity when I was literally not allowed to visit the sites I subconsciously clicked to check (Twitter, HN, Feedly, even sometimes email) Distraction free focus!
I need this. Thanks, Janine!
I've been using this since university :)
The skull makes it look like malware...