Seize The Day

Personal productivity journal in overdrive 📖

Tasks, objectives, reflections, notes, all in one place. It's like a personal journal in overdrive. Get productive, get healthier, get motivated, and get more organized.

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Carpe Upvotem
@pixelmelter Thanks! Glad you like it.
Hi everyone! I'm the founder of Seize The Day, I wasn't made a Maker though About: Roughly 3 months ago I set out on a mission to improve the way people journal online, and so I built Seize The Day. Seize The Day lets you take advantage of tasks, objectives, reflections, notes, all in one place. I like to call it a personal journal in overdrive :). The design of Seize The Day was very important to me, and I think it shows. I spent a lot of time trying to perfect the feel and make the user experience as good as it could possibly be. Features: I'm very happy with how Seize The Day has turned out, but, as it is a new product, it's not in its final form. I want to make a lot of improvements and I have a really awesome vision for it, but here are the current core features: • Tasks and numerical trackers to organize and get healthier • Daily and weekly reflections to hold yourself responsible and keep your inner space clear... Writing can be very powerful. • Weekly objectives to help you reach your long term goals by cutting them down to short weekly sprints • A minimalistic note taker that inspires. In fact, I'm writing this post on there :) Seize The Day has a handful of other neat features, but I'll let you discover them on your own :) I wish I could have had more time writing this and creating the post. I woke up and noticed a little spike in user creations so I wasn't aware Seize The Day had been hunted! The screenshot images above don't do the product justice ;) Give it a go yourself... You'll see. Thanks for reading everyone.. I would absolutely love some feedback!
I forgot to mention: iOS and Android out soon! Working on the App Store listing right now, and a few other awesome features coming very soon! I'm very excited to show it off :)
I always wanted an app like this, but there were no any good examples on the market. I hope this product will succeed and I will finally organize my day properly :)
@hrantarzumanyan Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I'm glad you like it. iOS and Android apps should be out soon, as well :)
@_simonkay Very excited to hear that. Pretty sure the best on the market. Thanks for the feedback though.
This is actually amazing. I’ll likely become a full user once the app hits the store. Thanks @_simonkay!!
@samuelcostie Great to hear that! works perfectly on mobile, if you want to start using before it hits the store, but I understand an app is easier...
Incoming pissed off user. Complete turned off. I started out loving the app, it was exactly what I was looking for. I filled out all my tasks, I then went on to the next screen and then went back just to see that all of my data had disappeared. Bad idea to launch your app before it's ready, lost one valuable customer.
@kennybatista Strange! I'm so sorry you had that problem. I've never experienced this before. Can you email me? I want to fix this issue and offer you a lifetime free account. Have you tried logging into the web app? Your data might be there.
@seieztheday @_simonkay Fantastic customer service ;) E-mailing you now.