Next-level farming with drones, AI, and human intelligence.

End-to-end agritech service that helps farmers gain insight into the health and productivity of each and every one of their trees.

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Hello PH Community! My team and I are pleased to present you with SeeTree: the intelligence network for trees. I know what you must be thinking: “Why here? Why is this agriculture service launching on Product Hunt? We’re techies!” As you all know, AI disrupted numerous industries, but has fallen short on agriculture as a stand-alone optimization solution. The quality of data received would be too limited to have a substantial impact on farming. With this in mind, my co-founders Barak Hachamov, Guy Morgenstern and I teamed up to create a multidisciplinary solution that would help growers truly know their trees. We combined AI with boots-on-the-ground to provide growers with visibility, monitoring, and actionable analytics to optimize their farming. SeeTree uses the power of machine learning algorithms to get smarter, and offers the most precise window into the strength of trees. SeeTree even digitizes each individual tree, and creates health and productivity files for each of them. In many ways, it can be seen as a social network for trees- since they each have profiles and status updates. The multidisciplinary campaigns themselves include the strategic operation of military-grade drones across terrains, ground scouting, analyses of results, and face-to-face strategy sessions with the growers. We’re working to set the new standard in tools that are available to farmers in permanent crops. This will be the new way to farm. And from this point forward, when you engage in discussions about the application of AI in industries such as finance, cybersecurity, and media- you can also talk about AI in farming, and how it works best alongside its human counterparts. Let’s continue this discussion! Feel free to reply with questions and comments, and the team will respond. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram: @SeeTree_AI as well as Facebook:
@israeltalpaz Thank you for everything!
I'm proud to be an advisor of SeeTree! Truly transforming agriculture! @seetree_ai @israeltalpaz
The launch of @seetree_ai brings a tear to my eye. I've seen firsthand the passion that went into perfecting the product. So inspiring. @israeltalpaz
Makes me want to plant some trees!
@kobaiko Yes please- go for it! Fruit trees please! Thank you for your support, Yair!
@kobaiko Nice! You're amazing!
Great company with amazing vision. I had the honor to learn about their product a while ago and I'm sure they are going to revolutionize the way farmers treat their trees. Can't wait to dive in and learn more about their AI work.
@urieli17 Thank you so much for your continued support, Uri! Now that we have officially unleashed the beast- you'll hear a LOT more about our AI!
@urieli17 Such wonderful praise- thank you Uri!!! So much magic in the works- stay tuned!!! :-)
Congrats on the launch!
@benln Thanks man!
@benln Thank YOU for the love!
Amazing, I thought to do something in same line in recent past...happy to see this product ..