A database visualizer to help you write complex SQL queries

SeeQL is a user experience focused desktop app to view and execute SQL queries easily. You’ll be able to see all your database tables and their relations. You can automatically generate your queries or manually write some yourself.
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Hey all! We created SeeQL as a way to view database tables and relations easily - especially for databases with many primary and foreign key relationships. It's difficult writing SQL joins, but when you have to dig and search and try to match up those relationships and tables, you can add a lot of unnecessary steps just to get a piece of data. With SeeQL, we aim to solve this problem by clearly displaying how all tables in your database are related. You can additionally automatically generate SQL queries by selecting on column names of a table. We focused on providing a good user experience. SeeQL is made for anyone that needs data to use - developers, product managers, marketing, etc. Download here: Read more about it here: This is the beta version of SeeQL, and we would love your feedback!
@alice_wong Hey Alice, looks cool, can't wait to try it out - is there a deadline for the windows version?