Seeking Wisdom: Why Great Products Don't Always Win

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Great products don't always win. Time and time again this proves to be true (by great we mean products that are technically superior, have the best design, etc.) So I got David to dig into his 20 years in SaaS to talk about why this happens and what engineers and designers can do about it :) We also have some news: David's looking to hire an MBA to work directly for him on our team at Drift to be an "Operator in Residence." You read that right - the same guy that once wrote a blog post titled: "Should Entrepreneurs Get an MBA? Hell No." Here's the link to Operator in Residence role at Drift: Catch all of the previous episodes of Seeking Wisdom: or just search for "Seeking Wisdom" in your favorite podcast app.
It is super awesome that the best product doesn't always win. If the best product always won the marketplace would be filled with best products, and there would be no room for a challenger. In real life the market is open to everyone who has half a product and a whole lotta hustle. It's possible to start with a product that *isn't* the best, and find a few people who believe in it enough to help you make it better.