Seeking Wisdom: How To Come Up With Better Ideas

There's only one shortcut: learning from others.

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A weird thing happens when you read more books, listen to more podcasts, read more blog posts, talk to more people -- it's easier to come up with better ideas. But there's a little secret. Something David Ogilvy once laid out: "Stuff your conscious mind with information, then unhook your rational thought process. You can help this process by going for a long walk, or taking a hot bath, or drinking half a pint of claret. Suddenly, if the telephone line from your unconscious is open, a big idea wells up within you.” So, that's what we're talking about on the latest episode of Seeking Wisdom -- how to start coming up with better ideas.
I'm an Ogilvy quip geek. Can't wait to listen.
@handythinks now have to keep the book on my desk.