Legal SaaS to help startups close funding rounds faster

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The story behind SeedLegals is that after building and selling two startups, and investing in others, I got tired of the time and cost of doing a funding round. Virtually everything a startup needs these days is available as an always-on SaaS platform... except legals. SeedLegals changes that - you can now do every step of a funding round on a modern legaltech, document collaboration platform. We're now nudging two startup funding rounds per day on our platform, making us, in just 3 months since launching, the largest single law firm or company for completing a UK funding round.
I recently became aware of Seedlegals and it looks like the ideal tool for UK startup teams to navigate the legal minefield of incorporating a company and fund raising. Anthony has a very successful background in leading innovations of this nature and will no doubt do it again here.
Hi, I'm the founder and CEO at SeedLegals. Peter, thanks for hunting us!