Seed Turntable

World's first all-in-one turntable & speaker system

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"world's first". Mr. Edison disagrees. 😜
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@ricotrevisan all kickstarter products use the "world's first" and "world's best" cliches and it drives me crazy too.
Beautiful product! Surely not 'world's first' though? Appreciate they are vastly inferior, but there are many of these on the market:
@joeiles It looks fine, but sitting a turntable on top of speakers is asking for vibrations and skipping records, even with the suspension system. I wish them luck in this already competitive market, especially at that price.
Yay, listen to all the distortion of vinyl in one self-contained unit. How. Very. Retro.
@frassmith What do you mean by "distortion of vinyl"?
@frassmith this is unnecessarily condescending and not appropriate for this community.
@rickhanlonii Wasn't meant to be condescending (maybe a bit snarky I guess though). Still, it's not the world's first anything. My sister and I had an all in one turntable/amp/speaker back in the seventies. And even it wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination, new or innovative. What goes around, comes around.
@lindelof I mean it in so many ways, here are a few: 1: The physical groove cannot store the lowest frequencies so the signal has to be compressed prior to pressing. And then has to be decompressed in the input stage of the amplifier. That's why amps need a 'phono' input. No way to guarantee that the decompression will be an exact reversal of compression hence one source of distortion. 2: The stylus, cartridge and tone arm all add their colours and nuances to the sound. Maybe not distortion, but still changing it from its original form. 3: Having the turntable mounted on the same physical box as the speakers will lead to vibration and possible feedback. I do get that a lot of effort has gone into decoupling via the suspended sub-chassis (a system invented in the 50's or 60's) but still best to have them separate. Also, from my experience in the industry, turntable suspension systems have a tendency to change over time and need regular servicing. 4: Of course the inevitable clicks and crackles that vinyl picks up over time. Maybe distortion is too strong a word, but these are all side effects that modify the original source material. It's like forcing every photo you take through the same Instagram filter or glueing a tobacco grad filter to the front of your camera. It makes for a nice warm image, but it doesn't reflect the original image. So basically, I'm not a fan of vinyl and I think its recent resurgence is more of a fashion statement than anything else. That said, this does look like a, nice, well thought out, piece of kit. I'm sure it will appeal to many buyers. :-)
@rickhanlonii "C&C is welcommed on PH, however try to put a positive spin on it" btw. Your github link doesnt go directly to your github page.
As has been mentioned, I think you need to drop the 'worlds first'.
Nice idea. Want to try it