Seed Mail

Beautiful email app for iPhone

#2 Product of the DayAugust 23, 2014
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This looks nice, but honestly, I'm not switching from Mailbox any time soon!
@lachlanjc I like Mailbox too but what if you don't use gmail? :)
@gregoiregilbert Use iCloud :) For another email account I have (it's Yahoo and it just collects promotions and crap from stores), I like Evomail. I will give Seed Mail a shot, because sometimes Evomail is a bit buggy, but it put me off that they clearly copied Evomail's icon.
@lachlanjc :) I don't know who copied who. This isn't a very original icon anyway. Regarding the email providers, I just moved my emails to @fastmailfm
@gregoiregilbert Oh, how is that? It looks horrible so I've never used it, but it's gotten a lot of good reviews. I don't think Zoho, which I'm currently using, could suck any more.
@lachlanjc So far, so good. I had to deal with the support and they were nice and efficient. It doesn't look horrible at all but it's not going to blow your mind (design-wise).
Gave this a try yesterday. I ended up deleting it after 5 minutes and going back to Mailbox. At a glance the interface looks slick, but when you start using it, it's quite evident that it's lacking. It is in no way as elegantly simple and as intuitive as Mailbox and I was also surprised to find at least two instances of improper English / grammar being employed.nnThere are a number of Email apps out now that attempt to replicate the gorgeous interface and UI that Mailbox boasts. None, from what I can see though, come anywhere close to the brilliance that is Mailbox.
@bendell I must say, I completely agree — except for right now (Mailbox is down!)
I tried it yesterday and I really like it. The interface looks beautiful. Finally an app that has the potential to replace Sparrow.
I recently had a bit of an email app crisis and ended up trying Boxer, Evomail, Cloudmagic, Dispatch, Mailbox, Gmail, Seed and the regular old Mail app. When it came to non Gmail apps, Dispatch ( was my pick. It recently got a big update and I liked the approach to action based email where I could send tasks, snippets of text to different apps. Ultimately though I ended back up on Mailbox when I got a hold of the OS X App Beta.
@rustydingo I didn't see Heed (, Hop (, or Acompli ( in there ;)... I've tried a lot too, and my choice is Acompli ( I got rid of Mailbox due to some of Dropbox's hiring decisions.
@McCroden completely forgot Acompli. Definitely enjoyed that app as well. Would put it up there with Dispatch. No idea about Heed, it does however look very interesting. I'll have to check it out. Thanks Stuart!
One thing worries me about Seed Mail. I really liked the interface and wanted to use it, so I asked about aliases support. They said it would be in the next update. I asked when they was coming, they replied within a week. That was over 5 months ago.
@mergesort I agree. I didn't see they've been silent for quite a long time on twitter.