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Hi Product Hunters! Thanks to @neerajt4 for hunting us! We’re really excited to present SecurionPay, a cross-device standalone payment gateway with fast and limitless integration possibilities. We created SecurionPay to give European-based businesses the most innovative, seamless, and convenient payment gateway. Our solution enables businesses - ranging from startups to well-established firms - process transactions across the world. SecurionPay provides simplified payment flow and well-designed, user-friendly checkout with lots of features. Our latest addition - Cross-sales feature - offers value to the online merchants and gives an average conversion increase of about 20%. We would love to hear what you think of our product! Enjoy!
@adamwesol All the best! :)
@adamwesol Good luck with your awesome product buddy!
@adamwesol Good luck Adam :)
Save your time and money with fast and easy integration. Start accepting payments in minutes with our unique drag and drop solution. Perfect to start out with, created for non-developers.
Wow! An Awesome product!
Adam, is there a US based equivalent that you can point to? Streamlining conversions is a big deal!
@ted_gives Hi Ted, well there are few similar products (like Stripe or Braintree), but believe that non of them are focusing so much on improving your conversion