Secure Swiss Data Encrypted Mobile App

Fully encrypted email app, hosted exclusively in Switzerland

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Vladislav Arbatov@vladzima · CTO @ P2L.TV
How's this different from Swiss-based Protonmail, which has a long history and well earned community trust?
Oles KosiukMaker@oleskosiuk · Founder at InfluencersFriend
@vladzima, thank you for your question. Firstly, we are not only offering a B2C product but a B2B as well. Secondly, we have encrypted productivity suite, such as email, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar, scheduling and file sharing (not all of them are available at this point, but all of them are on the road). Last but not the least, our pricing is more competitive and what is important - we are 100% self-funded and will never depend on any third party investments.
Oles KosiukMaker@oleskosiuk · Founder at InfluencersFriend
Hi everyone, I’m Oles the PR Specialist at Secure Swiss Data. We, at Secure Swiss Data, don’t like the idea of giving our entire personal life and online existence over to the likes of billion dollar corporations or the 5 eyes, 9 eyes neither the 41 eyes (surveillance partnerships). We don’t want to share with anyone else our Contacts, every email we send and receive location, photos, analytics data, not even our internet search history. In fact, we care about privacy and believe that (y)our privacy is an essential prerequisite of (y)our civil liberties and human rights. That’s why we have developed a service that is: • Encrypted - The emails are always encrypted, even when stored on the Secure Swiss Data servers. Every email, between Secure Swiss Data users, is sent encrypted from the user’s device to our server, stored on the server encrypted, and then the email is transmitted encrypted to the end Secure Swiss Data user. • Totally secure - Hosted exclusively in Switzerland (the data is stored under 320m of granite in a Swiss mountain and protected by the world’s most robust privacy laws including the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act), • Advertisement free – We will never collect information about you, never read your emails or copy anything and never track your location and will never sell information about you Go ahead download the app and register an account for free. During the registration process, you will be able to: - Choose from 30 domains to express your personality or profession - Create a second encryption password that for additional protection of your mailbox - Create your own Security Questions  This version of the Secure Mail App will let you:  - Send and receive simple emails with attachments (to both Secure Swiss Data and non-Secure Swiss Data users) - Send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails between Secure Swiss Data users During the next several months we will be releasing more features for the Apps, as well as, the webmail App with the Productivity Features such as secure calendar, task manager, notes and secure file sharing. Next planned feature to be released is the Encrypted attachments. Let us know what do you think about our Apps and what features do you wish to see next?
Stefanos Kofopoulos@titanas · Makes Great Products
Any chance supporting custom domains?
Oles KosiukMaker@oleskosiuk · Founder at InfluencersFriend
@titanas, custom domains support will be released during the next couple of months
Stefanos Kofopoulos@titanas · Makes Great Products
@oleskosiuk will it be available for the free version too? if not can one upgrade at anytime?
Oles KosiukMaker@oleskosiuk · Founder at InfluencersFriend
@titanas, the custom domain feature will initially be released for the B2B subscription plans only, thank you
Timothy Kozak@comonitos · CTO, TestNest
Yep that's pretty interesting, really considering of using it. So everything is encrypted? What about attached files are they encrypted too?
Oles KosiukMaker@oleskosiuk · Founder at InfluencersFriend
@comonitos, currently it's only possible to encrypt email body and subject. The attachment encryption will be added to the app with one of the upcoming summer releases
ZEFAREU@deleted-846654 · Headline.
Trying to sign up, just keep getting SIGNUP FAILED, over and over and over. I'm now 100% certain I've entered every field correctly. What gives?!