Secrets of the App Store

Maximize your presence on the App Store.

I haven't read your book yet, but your App Store experiments series ( was really, really insightful already. You definitely know the App Store very well. And the fact you are drawing from real experience is priceless. So I am really excited about this book!
@cam_pj Awesome, thanks so much for reading!
@Staurtkhall big fan of your work so I know this is going to be brilliant!
@stevepyoung Thanks Steve!
Nice price! Looking forward to reading this, thanks @freshand
@playswithfood thanks! Let me know what you think.
Hey everyone, I'm the author of the book. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Just skimmed through and the information looks great. Fantastic work Stuart.
@mrneilm thanks Neil! Appreciate that.