Second State VM

High performance secure & portable Rust functions in Node.js

SSVM is a high-performance WebAssembly runtime for server-side apps. It is safer and 10x faster than Docker. It supports OS access (WASI), AOT compiler, stateful apps, seamless integration with Node.js, and access to hardware (AI chips).
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Howdy! The Second State VM (SSVM) is WebAssembly optimized for the server-side! Why? That is because we want to create faster and lighter software, while preserving memory safety, security, and code portability. The SSVM is an application-level runtime (as opposed to Docker, which is at the OS level). It integrates into existing platforms, such as Node.js, as a lightweight module. Create a Rust function and run it inside Node.js, and you will get a Raspberry Pi kit for free. :) Let me know your thoughts!
This looks great πŸ‘
Cool performance gain. Will try this out.
Why wasm on the server?
@davewaldron 20 years ago server apps were written in C/C++. Then we have managed runtimes from Perl to Java to Ruby to JS/Node. But the downside of "heavy" runtimes is that they are slow -- that is problematic as hardware has largely stopped improving. WebAssembly is fast, lightweight, but also provides memory safety and code portability. So, here we are! Try it.
This is interesting.