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SearchSmartly reimagines and simplifies the home search experience by doing the heavy lifting to uncover the properties that are best suited to your unique lifestyle needs - be it commutability, access to green space, or a lively neighborhood. Live in UK.
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Hey Product Hunt! Taha here, founder of SearchSmartly. Finding the right place to call home is stressful and time-consuming. It’s always been that way. But why should we accept this? We all have our own unique needs when it comes to finding the right property, yet the online search experience feels so impersonal and frustrating. Having moved home more times than I can count, and having helped many friends and family in their own searches, I realised that most of us think of property from a fundamental lifestyle needs perspective, yet no products exist to solve this. - How long is my commute? What about my partners’ (or flatmates’) commute? - Does the local area offer the amenities I care about, such as green space, and good places to eat out? - How good are the local schools for my children? Solving for these different needs often takes up to 100 hours and an excel sheet to keep track of it all. But not with SearchSmartly. Using optimisation technology I worked with as a Formula 1 engineer, we’re building the new way to find your perfect home. We would love to hear your feedback on our mission to make property search painless!
@taha_dar thanks for an easier way of moving!
@mikeyeva Thank you Nastya! We think it's a frustrating problem that has gone unsolved for too long.
Finally someone is doing a product with tenants in mind! Are you guys already live in the UK?
@alex_pokatilo Hey Alexey! Thank you for your support. We are indeed live in the UK now, starting with London and surrounding areas.
Great product! Love the new addition of air quality, especially as I'm stuck in the tube for a hour a day, it's nice to know when I come home the air I breathe is a bit cleaner.
@muhammadaltalib1 Thanks Muhammad. We believe providing transparency around issues surrounding the well-being of individuals and their family will become increasingly important in the property search and relocation process.
Brilliant reimagining of property search !
@paullewisborman1 Thank you for your support, Paul!