The jQuery plugin for magical scroll interactions.

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This essentially allows you to turn your scrollbar into a playback scrubber on an animation and do some pinning/syncing/parallax effects and powerful animations with GreenSock ( There's absolutely a learning curve in using it, but once you get the hang of it, you can do some really special things: This plugin is an evolution of Super Scrollorama by John Polacek: (
Here's another good demo to showcase other possibilities with the tool. Hopefully helpful to those afraid of a learning curve.
@gryghostvisuals awesome Pen, Dennis! If you have time and motivation to write tutorials for the ScrollMagic wiki page, please get back to me. :)
@janpaepke I do have some time to write tutorials for the wiki page. Glad to help out where needed. E-mail me at Cheers!
@bkrall thanks for sharing. If there's anything I can do to make the learning curve less steep, please let me know. :)
Love this, good find @bkrall, similar category as yesterday's scrollReveal.js
If you are doing complex scroll-based animations, ScrollMagic is your go-to. When I created Scrollorama a few years ago, it was the first such library. @janpaepke came along and started making such great contributions that I made him an author. When he told me that he was doing a complete rewrite and launching a new version rebranded as ScrollMagic, you might think I would be bummed, but the opposite was true. I was thrilled to see Jan take things to the next level. The examples and documentation he made to go along with the improvements he made are truly impressive. This is a great example of how an open source project can evolve and improve over the years when devs collaborate in an ego-free way to make something useful for the community.