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A user friendly, serverless JavaScript SaaS CMS


A serverless JavaScript CMS built for digital agencies and medium to large sized businesses.

Based on ReactJS, Scrivito is completely maintenance-free and has unprecedented security. It offers unmatched WYSIWYG usability for editors combined with maximum flexibility for developers.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial now and get rid of your old CMS!

Would you recommend this product?

The concept of Workspace is one of the biggest pros of scrivito.

As a developer, the Workspaces helps me a lot with testing new features. Change code, test in a working copy and delete it. No other person has to watch out.

Also a big plus is the headless design. It makes it easy to create webpages, apps or skills for Chatbots.

Now with the java script support, no administration of a web server is needed any more.


Easy to use, concept of workspaces, headless, react js and ruby api


Can not make pizza

Full stack developer

Git-like workspaces and widgets are very promising concepts for the CMS world. Many hidden features, like seamless CDN integration, the auto-sizing for images across different devices or rich tags from Schema.org. Great documentation.


- Intuitive use for website editors w/o training.

- No need to install software. It runs as a service.

- Reasonable pricing.


While the support to create web responsive sites is excellent, using Scrivito itself from a mobile device requires a tablet at minimum.


If you are a serious web developer and you need a CMS, scrivito is your choice. Get versioned content storage, an incredible inline editing for your editors and a sandbox for content changes (workspaces) right out of he box. You can concentrate on developing business logic, the add ons, your customer loves. It's a great time saver. Scrivito helps you to get more done in less time. And as you know - time is money, your money.


set up in a couple of minutes, great documentation, awesome support, high security


If you are not familiar with ruby or JavaScript you have to get into it. But - to be honest - this would help you to grow.

Senior Digital Advisor

The only ReactJS based CMS so far.


Easy to use, fast, clean




Built your website your way... not limited by your CMS, just add editability to your webdesign you want!


Great UX, usability and flexibility, powered by ReactJS


Still searching..