Script 2 Time

Calculate the duration of a script, instantly.

Script 2 Time is calculator that estimates the duration of a script in time, making it easier for voice over artist, copywriters and video creators to calculate and invoice their projects.

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Is it only for video creators? Congrats with the launch by the way 😉
@lisadziuba Thanks, Lisa! I've heard comments about using it for pitches. Could be interesting
Congrats man! Love this. Super easy to use.
@_shahedk thanks, Shahed! 😅🙌
Hi there, PHers! 👋 As a video creator, I often get asked to quote for videos based on a script this is also common when I need to ask for an estimate from voice over artists and copywriters. So I made a simple tool lets you calculate instantly how long this script would take in time. It can also tell you how many words you would need for a specific duration. Let me know what you think! 🙌
Is there a way to set the speed? I always find them way to fast.
@harianus Hi Adriaan, I'm working on that feature at the moment, should be available soon :)
This is simple and AWESOME. Great for creating quotes and/or telling a client that the :30 promo script they have written is closer to 5 minutes long ;) Having a feature to set the speed of the read would be a great future addition.