Scribble for SketchApp πŸ’Ž

10x faster collaboration for designers & copywriters

Let me ask you something:

- Are you a UI designers, copy or product manager?

- Do you struggle to collaborate product copy over email , document & spreadsheet?

Imagine, if you could just:

- Share your artboards to cloud,

- Invite copy guys to edit, discuss and finalize and,

- Get latest copy locally in sketch file.

Yeah, that's Scribble!!

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Hey @kwdinc, thanks for the hunt! Hello hunters, it's we again - @vm4canvasflip & @mj_canvasflip - from CanvasFlip Squad. First of all, thanks for all the love to CanvasFlip Visual Inspector . ❀️ We are bringing Visual Inspector inside popular design tools so that you finalize UI copy in minutes instead of wasting hours in email, messaging, document & spreadsheet. πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘ We have tried our best to make it simple & intuitive and excited to hear how would you like us to improve it - so go ahead, get your free account and give it a swing. As of now, Scribble works with Sketch and just between me, you & thousands of other hunters, integrations with XD & Invision Studio is right around the corner ( drop a comment to get in beta.) For anything else, I'm going to be sitting in comment section for rest of the day. Cheers! Vipul, Manish & Entire CanvasFlip Team P.S. Your first 2 weeks is on us and if you wish to continue, you'll get 40% DISCOUNT on monthly plans.
Looks promising. It will solve the fight between copy and designer πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨
@_rakeshmondal Thank you sooo much.. coming from you, it's a big validation..
Just the tool I needed - CanvasFlip is a life-saver as usual!
@abhishekmadhavn Thanks a lot. Glad Scribble could save your time.. 😺
This looks like a life saver! Great work folks.
Thanks @mananshah212 !! Your support and kind words means a lot to us.. πŸ˜„

Must experience if you care about copy and plan to save hours doing serious design rather than spending time on copy changes!


Saved tons of hours!


Nothing as of now!