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Launch your startup with stunning product videos.

ScreenSpace Studio empowers you to make your product shine by crafting stunning product videos in-house with confidence and ease. You have the power to turn heads, blown minds, and turn visitors into passionate customers with agency-grade product videos.
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Founder of DoubleUp

Screenspace does one thing, and it does it exceptionally well. As it happens, I've been looking to make just that one thing easier for quite some time.

I can't recommend it highly enough for video producers, marketers, entrepreneurs and generally any app/software companies looking to add some polish to their video marketing and product presentation.


Powerful preview and rendering features, gorgeous, focused UI


Nothing so far

App developer

Screenpace saves a lot of time. You don't have to figure out a way to produce a video for a product, it just happens within minutes using this.

I would recommend it, but with the pricing that comes with it I can't imagine anyone paying for it.


Looks very useful


Very expensive.

Co-Founder & CEO | ScreenSpace
Hi @ryanboyling, Thank you for your review! One of the big features that sets us apart is that everything within ScreenSpace is fully customizable and rendered on the fly. Meaning, we don’t use pre-rendered footage and then simply place your product’s screen capture inside it. You are in complete control of everything - and when you click “Render Video”, your scene is created from scratch on our cloud render farm to your exact specifications. The advantage to doing things this way is that your videos come out looking like they were created by hand at a boutique visual effects agency. Every resource we use is the same we’d use when creating custom high-end videos for clients. The disadvantage to doing things this way is that it costs more money to run. Our technology (our cloud render farms, software, maintenance, etc) inherently takes more resources to build and maintain - since we’re not just using pre-rendered footage. With that said, the reason you don’t see customized 3D product videos too often is because (before ScreenSpace) they were wildly expensive and time consuming to make. Creating 30 seconds of hand-crafted, fully-rendered 3D device footage with a boutique visual effects agency can take weeks and cost thousands to produce (we know this because we previous ran a visual effects studio specializing in these types of videos). Our goal is to make these high-end product videos accessible to everyone - not just the big players. And at $5/second of video we’re confident we’ve done that. And our customers who come from a background of working with visual effects agencies (or working inside one) have agreed very strongly so far 🙂 However, this is just ScreenSpace v1.0 - and we’re constantly at work to figure out how we can bring costs down for users who don’t need the full “pro-level” customization ability we’ve built into it while maintaining our strict quality standards. For starters, just today we’ve introduced a new Unlimited Basic plan that gives unlimited renders at half the cost of our current Unlimited Pro plan. We’ve also been working with a number of start-ups & developers to build a plan that uses pre-rendered footage while still maintaining our “boutique agency” output - which will allow us to create an unlimited video plan that cuts prices dramatically if your needs aren’t highly custom. There’s even more in the pipeline - but all this to say, we’re hard at work creating plans that suit every need at different price points. I would also love to talk to you about your needs and budget so we can consider them in our upcoming releases. Please DM me on my PH profile page if you are interested. Cheers, Darren
#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam

A great tool for mobile marketing


Easy and intuitive to use. Free render is great. Cheap a la carte pricing


Slight video editing knowledge helps

Director of Product, CrowdRiff

It does the one thing it aims to very well, however for our needs having the screen be interactive as well is important. Great UI so far though.


Great focus and ease of use


Seems a bit pricey, but maybe that's just b/c I don't need this enough.