Text scanner for your PC, iOS and Android phone

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Automatically Recognize Characters From Your Photo. Highest Speed & Highest Quality!
- Take Photo to Grab Text and Translate
- 50+ Languages for OCR
- 20+ Languages for Translation
- No Subscription, No Recurring. Pay As You Go
- Powered by Google OCR
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Thank you for using ScreenOCR for iOS and Android. Here is the Key features of the App. KEY FEATURES ------------------------- ** Use your iPhone/iPad or Android phone to start scanning instantly and extract text/words/handwritings from images. ** Pick image/photo up from the album for OCR and translation. ** Support recognizing 50+ languages from images. ** Support translating 20+ languages. ** Support scanning handwriting to text. ** Support scanning whiteboard or blackboard to text. ** Support Auto-Detection. ** Support cropping image before OCR. ** Support exporting the results as .txt/.pdf files. ** Support editing and sharing the OCR/Translation results. ** Support checking the results with the original images/photos. ** Support storing your recent scan history locally. ** Support signing your Google account and synchronize your Pro member between all your iOS/Android devices. We also provide Windows and Mac software: EasyScreenOCR for Win/Mac. We provide lifetime version and Yearly/Half-Yearl version. For lifetime version, if you want to use Google OCR Mode, you need to load your own Google API Credential file. Here is how to create your own: Instead, you can also use our own OCR Mode 2 (Recommeded). For yearly/half-yearly subscription, you can use Google OCR without any credential file. Activate the program with the API Key you received. Thank you for using EasyScreenOCR and ScreenOCR Apps.
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I photographed the entry on my homepage with my mobile phone. And OCR worked great.
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@rogergarrett Thanks for your feedback
I think this is the best program to ocr on mobile phone. Tried a lot of different options. Indeed, it gives me another choice. ScreenOCR provides a fast and accurate technology that extract text from images, compare the OCR results with the original photo, translate the text to other langauges in a smooth manner, and make it clear without error.
I've been looking for an easy-to-use OCR tool. I'll be trying it tonight with some 18C German documents to see how it fares! (Don't worry — not the gothic script, but if you support gothic then that would be AMAZING!)
@pauldoerwald Thanks Paul
OMG! 😍 I've been waiting for such a tool for a looong time.