Automatically capture website screenshots every day/week/etc

Screenlapse automates the repetitive and tedious task of screenshotting websites regularly over a period of time. Keep track of website performance statistics, monitor competitors, document ad placement for advertisers, and archive your digital history.
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I wish we would have had this since day 1 of Product Hunt so we could create a timelapse of how it's changed
@rrhoover That was part of the original inspiration for this app - I'd love to be able to go back and see screenshots of my earliest web projects, or see how my websites have morphed over time. Web.archive captures bits and pieces, but they're often janked up and missing images, stylesheets, etc.
@rrhoover It's not perfect but you can get some feelings of how it looked. It's interesting to look at products from 2013, 2014 and see what happened to them
I'm challenging myself to build 12 products in 12 months and this is my first launch. I started the month with the intention of building a time-lapse video generator for photographers, but the idea morphed into a screenshot automation tool for businesses. It's a super simple MVP, please don't tear it apart 😆 I'd love to answer any questions!