Screenie 2 is a new type of screenshot manager designed specifically for macOS Catalina. With Screenie, you can drag screenshots from your menubar, preview and drag images from the Screenie Panel, and even search the text inside your screenshots!
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Hi Product Hunt! Back in 2016 we posted the first version of Screenie for the community here and we were beyond excited to see all the positive feedback and to learn from the constructive criticism. Now it's 2020 🤯and we're ready to share something new. Screenie 2 is a completely re-imagined app with a new sleek user interface and major stability and performance improvements. Most importantly though, Screenie 2 is the first app using optical character recognition technology available only in macOS Catalina to enable you to search the text inside your screenshots! Some other great features: - Change the location where macOS saves your screenshots - Bring up the Screenie Panel from a global keyboard shortcut - Option to disable the native macOS screenshot previewer in the bottom right corner - New theme and styling options As a special thank you to the community here we're happy to give all Product Hunt users 50% off when using the discount code GOLDENKITTY at checkout!
@sond813 Just bought it and it looks wonderful! Will look forward to trying out the OCR search. Thanks for the discount! <3
@sond813 Hello Noah, if I'm buying screenie will it last for forever? I mean for future versions? or the current version forever? Or if somehow the screenie got uninstalled will I have to pay again for it?
@raghavsharma Yes, it includes free updates and you can download it again anytime from your purchase receipt
@sond813 Am I missing something, or is the app free to download right now...? I'm confused because if it's free, what's the discount code for? I just downloaded it and waiting for it to index my screenshots in order to try it out! There don't appear to be any in-app purchases though and it didn't mention a trial or anything 😅
this will be super useful for all my flight screenshots I take!
Oh wow, this will be nothing less than a lifesaver ;)
Amazing! 🔥 Are you using CoreML for the OCR engine? :)
We’re using the Vision framework, the capability was introduced at WWDC last year! Check it out:
How did I not know about this earlier... Nice!