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Telestream ScreenFlow® offers high-quality screen, video, audio, and iOS capture, exceptionally powerful editing features as well as a new Stock Media Library option, ScreenFlow helps you create incredible looking videos, animated GIFs, and APNGs with unprecedented ease. You won’t find an easier to use or more intuitive interface for editing video.

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I hate Telestream. They make using the program you paid for extra difficult and they charge $$$ every time they introduce a small update to the program. For example, you want to use ScreenFlow on your work and home laptops. Nope! Telestream forbids that! Because of Telestream, the only software I still feel like pirating nowadays is ScreenFlow.
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@magnuson yeah I don't know how they justify recharging their users for such insignificant upgrades. I can't think of a single software I use that operates on this business model
@magnuson You know what I hate, this. And you can't even turn it off.
Still rockin' Screenflow 6... these updates are always so pricey, but this is a nice piece of software...
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@chrismessina Agreed. Really nice software but there doesn't appear to be anything appealing to me for the price upgrade. This software updates more than Sketch 😂
@chrismessina This is the fundamental frustration with Screenflow. I am still using Screenflow 6. Great software, but I feel like I am always being asked for a paid upgrade. I never feel like I need the upgrade.
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I love Screenflow although the last couple of updates have been getting pushed out a little buggy. I'd rather a less frequent cadence at a higher price point. Screenflow itself is awesome - I've yet to find something better.


Easy interface which some surprisingly powerful editing tools


These ongoing updates that cost a ton without a ton of new functionality

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Screenflow is easily the best screen recording software for Mac. I have been using it since version 2. The only bad thing I can say about it, is that you have to deal with their obnoxious release cycles. Each year we get another incremental version update that is a paid upgrade. Granted the pricing is reasonable ($100 for professional grade software and $30 for a version upgrade is a good deal IMHO), but i just wish we got more with each paid upgrade to justify it. I wrote a similar review last year when version 7 came out and since then I have yet to upgrade. I still use screenflow version 6 almost everyday, and although it isn't that expensive (I think its $30?) to upgrade, I am paying for a handful of small additions, most of which are simple "quality of life" improvements that I don't feel need to be part of a paid upgrade. This year is no exception. A red frame around your recording screen to visually ensure you are recording the right screen is nice addition, but does that justify a paid upgrade? A few additional export framerates, a few additional export destinations (instgram), a new export format option (animated PNG) are small additions, that really don't justify an entire new major version in my opinion. Most other software companies would add these as part of a current version. I am grateful for the ability to split your workspace across multiple monitors now and the concept of templates is interesting, but that really is what this new version provides. It hardly feels like a major version release, let alone a paid upgrade. Since I did skip the last version for the same reason (several quality of life improvements, but few major new features I felt i needed) I will probably just upgrade to support development and to stay in a maintained version (since i am sure bug support will drop for version 6 soon), even though I don't fully feel that I need anything offered by this version or the previous version. Again, I really would like to see more come from Screenflow to justify these major releases, and probably a move to a 2 year cycle for major releases. With their current 1 year release cycle i feel like I am always being asked to upgrade, with little justification for the upgrade. Additions to export options, framerates, and small UI improvements can be released as minor versions, not major releases. As an example... I think its been 5+ years since Final Cut Pro has asked me for a paid upgrade. Yet FCPX has seen about 100 times the number of feature improvements throughout its current release cycle than Screenflow is releasing over the past 2 versions combined.
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@_jacurtis FCP should incorporate advanced screen-recording features

I was using v5 but not it doesn't work on the new Mac OS. I agree with everyone that the constant update$ are annoying. It's great but at a $129 cost, I'd rather just record raw and use another editor like iMove and FinalCut that I already own. 6 months from now, will v8.5 cost another $39?


Great software


Every upgrade cost $

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