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I wanted to sign in with my Facebook Account, but I got this message: "This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions." :(
@yousef_kama This has been fixed now, thanks for the report. It's unfortunate that FB Login works for the app administrator in development mode, as it implies it works for everyone :/. Shoutout to auth0 for the user management though, their service has been awesome.
Great way to see how your visitors use your website!
@hermanschutte Thanks Herman! Great to see you appear here in producthunt land.
Been using this on our website for a few days now. Great way to get a feel for how your users are actually using your product instead of relying on gut feel alone.
@swiftalphaone Thanks @swift! Ready to deploy the script site wide?
Love how easy the setup was and something we needed to do on our site.
@ryanmtaylor Thanks Ryan! We'll be in touch to follow up about your experience.
@screensquid The recordings are not showing for ipad/ipod recordings, I ran through a series of pages on my own in Safari on iPhone and it worked fine, the recording didn't render though. Scared me for a minute because it appeared as though folks were getting blank screens when visiting our site.
@ryanmtaylor Hey Ryan, I looked into this issue. This issue is actually caused my mixed content security warnings, not iphone/ipod. We have a fallback in place but some of your recordings seem to be avoiding the trigger. Filing a bug and will get back to you.
Looks great. I like that there is a wordpress plugin for this too. A question if the makers are here. How would I need to change my privacy policy if I install this on my site? Can you provide a template of some sort? I'm using iubenda for my privacy policy. Will you add your service there?
@mikaellowgren Hey Mikael, this has been a common question. Please email and we'll help you get your privacy policy set up. Iubenda looks like a great service, our own policy is based off of a policy on docracy.