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I built this app to make it easier for Student Governments, School Clubs, Fraternities/Sororities, etc.. to make it easier to reach out to students, and informing them which events they are organizing in the near future.
Devils advocate: Why use this over Yik Yak?
@dshaffer731 Good question. Many people get Scoutivity confused with Yik Yak because they are both targeted towards college students. They may look similar but Yik Yak is used for students who want to express their ideas anonymously, while Scoutivity is for organizing events and letting people know what is there to do around. This is why all posts are accompanied by a specific category such as: event, athletics, seminars, etc.
First off, fellow college student and I get that flyers are disorganized & not ideal. But I think there's a reason this doesn't already exist, i.e. it's way too difficult to get everybody on campus to start using the same platform. IMO this is a problem that can't be solved with technology because people will always fall back to flyers and (more importantly) word-of-mouth.
I agree that word of mouth and flyers are traditional methods for people to have access to information. But big companies still use media to help promote their projects. Scoutivity helps student clubs and organizations spread the word at a faster pace.