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A Smarter Way to Work – Developed by Your Peers A year ago, we were right where you are – chained to an office desk, using clunky terminals every time we needed to do real work. We grumbled about the expense and lack of mobility until it dawned on us: we can do better. The result was Scout Finance: the finance app that has all the key functions you need when you're away from your desk. It’s hands-down better than Google or Yahoo! Finance and much easier to use than Bloomberg’s apps. We've built our dream finance app: custom watchlists, shareable charts, earnings transcripts (written as well as audio), valuation ratios, full financial statements, company presentations, and more. We are making our full list of features available for FREE. Give Scout a try and tell us what you think. Spread the word. In return, we pledge full transparency: we won't charge you for anything without your permission, and there will always be a free option available. Just take a minute to download, and we'll help you work how you want, when you want!
Cool product. Like can see key data really easily. Where are u guys based?
@eddiedaroza Thanks Eddie, we're based in NYC.
absolutely outstanding mobile finance app in your first pass - really nice work - I'd love to see a reader view option for docs, or maybe I'm missing something more obvious (tiny print in filings). feel free to ping me if you'd like more detailed feedback or comments
@passingnotes wanted to add a dream feature request: the ability to generate comparisons by pulling perhaps 2 to 4 stocks and viewing all key date in columnar...other dream request is screening tools via search (even basic like what motley fool does is nifty stuff for exploring and creating watch lists)
@passingnotes David, thanks for the feedback! Would love to chat with you more on the phone if you're open to it. We love hearing from users. In terms of the "reader," agree that the PDF format isn't always ideal on iPhone. You can rotate to landscape, which helps. For some doc types, we'd like to figure out how to convert the format to something more readable on the phone. For docs that are PowerPoint presentations or SEC filings with tables, it's more challenging. For the data comparison, we're working on expanding the watchlist to additional columns of sortable data (P/E, Market Cap, etc.) so you can compare the companies you follow more easily.
@adustoor sure, message me and I'll send over my number
When it comes to daily workflow; this is a great product for a deeper dive on filings and fundamentals. Great product guys.