A two-sided competition for game developers and streamers.

Hello. My name is Khaalid Booker and I am the creator of ScoreSpace. ScoreSpace is an innovative two-sided competition for game developers and streamers. That means you! I am 19 and in college and I am looking to grow this idea into something I am proud of.
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ScoreSpace aims to create a platform that connects gamedevs and streamers to create a community of creators helping each other grow. It is the only game-jam competition that involves streamers after the games are made. I think that this is something these two communities would like to see!
Hey, @kbindie Congrats on the launch! Do you have any examples of what kind of games are you looking for from the developers? For me, 3 days feel a bit short to create a well functioning and unique game.
Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I made a highlight video for the winners of previous jams. Here is the link:
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