Score with Friends

Choose a team, watch the game, score with friends

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Nothing is better than when your team scores.... except when you have the opportunity to rub it in your friends face! Send pre-recorded audio snippets of your favorite team or create your own audio. Sending a score is easy and your friends will hate you for it ;) Made by @justinjunda
This is awesome
I'd probably take the sexist bit out of the description in the App Store listing and maybe add a couple of females into the screenshots since women like sports and trash talking other sports fans as much as anyone else. I don't get why you have the distinction between bros and women in there at all. Why not just describe it as being for sports fans and not use terms like bros and reference pregnancy test results in the part about women using the app (seriously?).
Important feedback, @jameskoole. As a female sports fan, what do you think, @stttories?
@nikkielizdemere @jameskoole Holy shit, this is terrible and wildly offensive: "WOMEN like to “SCORE” too: During any sporting event (women like sports too-duh). When it’s happy hour margaritas, who doesn't like tequila does. Pregnancy test results ;)" It reads like it was written by a prepubescent boy. As a sports fan, I like the premise of an engaging sports-only platform, but this has completely soured me. They're pandering to fratbros. I can't get over how tasteless that description is. All I need now is the maker to insinuate I dislike this commentary because I'm on my period.
@stttories @jameskoole I just realized what "women like to 'score' too'" means. Heh.
@nikkielizdemere @jameskoole Who are they kidding? We're obviously all chaste sandwich makers. Lol.
@stttories @nikkielizdemere @jameskoole First off, thanks so much for your guys’ feedback. This is important to me and I take it seriously. When I set out to build this product, I definitely wanted to create an inclusive and awesome sports experience for everyone and I did a poor job of highlighting that this time around. I want you all to know that we take the criticism to heart—we are pushing changes through to the app store that better reflect my values. Finally, I want to personally apologize for the language in the app store. It was a joke of an app we thought this would go nowhere, and we're the furthest thing from the bros type. Nonetheless, I get it and the valid complaint. Going forward, we’re going to be much more mindful of our language. This kind of important criticism is why Product Hunt’s community is so important and helps us make our work better for our users. Thanks again, Justin
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interesting feedback here. PH community is so freaking cool. love this thread. in fairness, i'd probably also celebrate after preg test results. haha
Hopefully what happened with "Bang with Friends" doesn't happen to this product