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ScopeLeads is the fastest, easiest way to get leads for your digital marketing business. Other tools put you on a monthly limit! ScopeLeads gives you unlimited leads a month. 100 leads? Cool. 10K leads? Go crazy! Get unlimited qualified leads in seconds.
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Thanks for hunting ScopeLeads @kevin! Hey hunters! This is Lior, founder and CEO at ScopeLeads. I wanna share with you how ScopeLeads is different to other prospecting and outreach tools and why it’s the one single tool digital marketers use to save time prospecting. // ScopeLeads won’t put a limit on how many leads you can get a month Knock yourself out! Other tools have plans and tiers and credits and whatever. ScopeLeads is very simple: unlimited leads on any plan. // It’s prospecting and outreach all together Stop paying for multiple tools to do what’s supposed to be packaged together. Create a list of leads and start emailing them right away, from one single dashboard. // Ready-made search filters for digital marketers You sell SEO? ScopeLeads finds you local businesses that need SEO. You sell social media? We get you shops with no social media. You sell mobile site? We deliver thousands of sites that are not mobile ready. Same for AdWords, Facebook pixel, website presence, SSL certs, video marketing, and Google reviews. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s unlimited. And we’ve got a sweet deal for the PH community today :) Follow the link above to get the deal. But before you do that, leave a comment. A quick suggestion, some feedback or even a review. Let me know how we can make ScopeLeads better and I’ll personally reply today. Lior Ohayon
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I have had ScopeLeads for around 2 years, it is a fantastic tool to find targeted leads in virtually any niche very quickly. I 100% recommend this awesome product
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Definitely recommend this, @liorohyn and his team provide a great support. Congrats on the launch!
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I've been using scopeleads for about 2 months now. Very intuitive. It has helped me reach out to many local businesses in a variety of niches. Support has been fast, not that I needed much. I recommend.
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@terry_allison thanks for your review Terry!
Great prospecting tool, best tool to cold contact businesses… Keep up the great work Lior.. Wish you great success mate..
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@laszlo_forgacs Thanks mate! Happy to get your support.