Automated carpooling for the modern commuter

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Pumped to share this launch. Dead simple automated carpooling for commuting is a very hard problem, and Scoop’s doing it in a way that lets you use it as often as fits your schedule - no commitments. Get a ride either way, earn if you drive. They guarantee a ride home, too, so no risk of getting stuck:) I know they built their initial traction in Pleasanton and San Jose, but this is their full SF launch. Jon @jonsadow and Rob @rsadow are one of the strongest founding teams I've met in SF, and it's great to see them launching in San Francisco - but questions: How does the pricing work? How do you match people up? Who would I be riding with if I carpooled to work? Riding in a neighbor’s car is a bit disconcerting; how do you make that experience a good one?
@dshan thanks for hunting us! Our team (all ex-commuters ourselves) is really excited to announce Scoop to commuters who head into San Francisco from across the Bay Area every day. Anyways, great questions... Scoop focuses on developing partnerships with Bay Area employers - companies like Cisco, Workday, Kaiser Permanente, Gap, Clorox, Airbnb and Samsung - allowing them to offer Scoop to their employees as an affordable and effective transportation solution. So, when you use Scoop as a Rider or Driver for a commute, our matching algorithm automatically places you into the most convenient, custom carpool. You'll get matched with neighbors and/or co-workers, based on a variety of factors, like home and work locations, employer, traffic conditions, pick-up time, and more. For most trips, Scoop commuters go with co-workers, or employees who work nearby at one of our other partner companies (e.g. a Kaiser employee may pick up someone from Workday next door). We've found that people tend to have a LOT in common with people who both live *and* work nearby - and Scoop commuters say that, hands down, the best part about Scoop is the people they meet!
As for pricing, @dshan, we've really tried to keep it simple. The cost for a ride is flat rate, and surge-free, based on your commute distance and specific route. So for example, Palo Alto to SF is just $7. Oakland to SF is $4. In fact, you can take a Ride with Scoop from anywhere in the Bay Area into SF or SJ for $10 or less! Drivers (who are regular folks like you on their way to work) get reimbursed up to $9 per Rider, based on the route. Max of 2 Riders per car. And, all of the reimbursements are for commuting expenses and so they're tax-free!
@rsadow and I are really excited to get feedback from the community and answer some questions about Scoop, so please send them our way! It's been a pretty fun and crazy experience for us over the past 6 months to build the team and product at Scoop while the transportation landscape is changing so quickly... (Oh and before I forget to mention...Product Hunters can enter promo code "ProductHunt20" if they download Scoop and they'll get $20 in their Scoop balance right off the bat - which is a nice bonus if you drive with Scoop or a bunch of free trips if you ride!)
@ianissoawesome Oh, and as far as worrying goes - I'd be lying (and naive) if I said we don't worry about competition. But our goal is to - after 60 years of efforts - to turn carpooling mainstream. If someone else succeeds, we might be a little bummed personally, but we'll be incredibly excited about what it means for the lives of everyday commuters.
Big fan of what Jon and Robbie are building. I've known both of them for a long time and they're two of the hardest working, most brilliant people. This is the start of somethings huge.
Congrats to @jonsadow on the SF launch. Great guy and building an important product. I have a question / idea. Have you explored partnerships with mesh networks (like Veniam) for providing WiFi in the carpools? Would that work? I can imagine commuters would love if every car had WiFi!
@johnexley Thanks a lot! And awesome idea. We've definitely given some thought to how we might make the trip experience even better for Riders by adding WiFi access in the cars. We've talked with some of our employer partners about having them support individual hot spots, but doing this via a partnership with someone like Veniam could be a great solution! Feel free to introduce us if you know anyone over there ;)