Science Stickers for iMessage

A beautiful iMessage sticker pack for awesome science nerds.

Science stickers for iMessage are beautiful and useful—the perfect choice for any science or nature aficionado.

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I like it! thanks
@johnnycash5 You're very welcome Johnny, enjoy!
Hey Product Hunt community, I'm a designer who does a bit of illustration every now and then, and I wanted to give iMessage stickers a try. If you're an iOS user who appreciates science or the outdoors, I made this for you! There are currently 16 stickers in the pack. The pack is available now, and I'll be adding more stickers in the near future. Enjoy!
@haschimotoyaki Thanks, enjoy the stickers!
Really nice idea! Like it.
@jamesbluebird Thanks, more stickers coming soon!
Its very nice. Thank you One question.. does the receiver needs to have this app to see the sticker? Like the good old days of blackberry where BBM stickers aren’t visible on iPhone
@technodriv no they don't! :) iMessage stickers appear the same way for all iMessage users, regardless of whether the recipient has the app installed.
@josephbrueggen thank you . Are you planning to have inapp purchases to remove the branding you have now when sending sticker
@technodriv There shouldn't be any branding appearing alongside stickers to the best of my knowledge. If there is, please share so that I can fix that!